Monday, 4 May 2015

Harry Potter: The Exhibition

houses of hogwards

The exhibition of Harry Potter has finally arrived in Paris! Clothes of the heroes, their magic wands, the uniform of quidditch, Hagrid’s shack and even more! A very successful exhibition that begins by the platform 9 3/4 , where the visitors take the train to Hogwarts and there, we can see with our own eyes all that we’ve read in the books or seen in the films!

In addition, everybody can become a magician, choose among Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and also find his magic wand!

Can you recognize all the objects from my pictures?

harry potter's stuff

harry potter's clothes

ron weasley's clothes

ron weasley's things


Gilderoy Lockhart's clothes

Gilderoy Lockhart's things

some stuff from harry potter

luna's stuff


divination objects

divination book

magic stuff


Herbology things

walking plant

dark arts defence

Severus Snape's magic wand

houses of hogwarts

uniform of quidditch

uniform of quidditch


The Golden Snitch

hagrid's clothes

Harry Potter Monster Book

Lord Voldemort clothes


wanted bellatrix lestrange

flying key

Wizard's Chess

notebook of Lord Voldemort

Deathly Hallows

beautiful door

the evening prophet

rita skeeter's stuff

ron's clothes for the ball

hermione's clothes for the ball


golden egg

hogwarts hall


Fat Lady


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