Monday, 27 October 2014

Tortoise Valley

tortoise sunbathes

    After visiting Tortoise Valley, I became interested in tortoises and began searching for some information about them, like their alimentation, morphology, longevity etc. I already knew that a tortoise could live for a long time; however, I was surprised to read an article where it was suggested to plan the future of a tortoise after your death because it can live for more than 100 years!
It’s always sad and difficult to lose a beloved cat/dog which lives for only 15 years, while a tortoise can be inherited by your children or even by your grandchildren, and there is no stress for losing the pet you loved so much! In addition a tortoise cannot escape your hugs xDD In short, it’ just a perfect pet! =)))
    However, it is only my thinking, in practice it is pretty obvious that tortoises need a lot of care to live as long as possible, and also the cat/dog is always closer to their masters than the tortoises.

    In any case, after this visit, I have discovered some more details about this animal:

• A tortoise can be very fast, some of them were running so fast that I had to hurry taking photos.
• I was convinced that tortoises used to sleep in their shells, but in fact, not at all! They sleep like my cats: face down on the floor, settled with comfort =)
• They are not as wild as I was thinking, one tortoise even approached my fingers, searching for some food (though, poor, it was disappointed).
• It appears that the tortoises like sunbathing with feet in the air, at least it seems like that, you can see in some photos below, I think it’s funny =)

    My conclusion: the tortoises’ life is beautiful: they sunbathe, they eat, they sleep, they rest and can do all of this for more than a century!

two tortoises

blue flowers

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